Samira Bechara
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I am an archetypal


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The Gift of Perspective

By relating archetypal themes to real-life situations, Astrology and Tarot provide a platform for understanding our underlying motivations and the outer factors that become the paths we choose.  

Samira provides a channel for you to hear the messages you need in a way that is open and free of judgement. She exercises compassion and emotional intelligence in weaving significance into the stories of your life to help you feel more grounded, centered, and motivated to follow your unique path.


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I am available for readings in person in the New Orleans area, over Skype, or over the phone.


Client Stories

When Samira did my first reading, I was literally astounded. She has an uncanny ability to tap into deep fissures and reveal remarkable truths. Her approach, mystical though it may be, resonates with my more logic-slanted mind. It’s not all unicorns and sun signs. She’s like a conduit between us skeptics and the ether. Or, maybe she just knows what I need, what you might need, and isn’t afraid to speak in a language we can understand.
— Summer P.
Samira has a bright, intuitive nature that endows her with the ability to share keen insights with her clients. She is curious and passionate about her work. She’s a straight shooter with a heart of gold. She nurtures and guides you as she digs deep and tells it like it is. Samira has helped me to attain a greater understanding of the peaks and valleys in my life so that I can navigate them with more ease, peace of mind and joy. 
— Brooke I.
Samira Bechara is the greatest teacher I have ever had. Her astrology and tarot classes were my favorite Trade School classes I have ever attended. I want her knowledge. Thank you, Samira.
— Ariel R.


About Me

"Samira" means storyteller.

Samira is a New Orleans based Astrologer, Tarot reader, and educator originally from the Pacific Northwest. She has been studying and practicing Astrology and Tarot for over a decade, and has lived and practiced in cities across the country. Her passion and leadership background make her a dynamic and fun presenter, teacher, and counselor. She is empathetic, light hearted, and intuitive, and creates a fun and safe space for deep learning.